Regenera Stem Cell

This treatment is a method based on the latest advances in regenerative medicine that utilizes autologous hair transplant acquired from the patient’s tissue, allowing the strengthening and enrichment of the quantity of progenitor cells in the skin.

It is indicated particularly in cases of diffuse alopecia. Can be used on its own in combination with other techniques such as FUSS/FUE hair transplants.

This treatment will help to regenerate and visibly improve the quality and thickness of the hair.

How is the procedure performed?

  • Obtaining Stem Cells: After local anesthesia, the extraction of 6 to 9 small 2 mm biopsy from the occipital or mastoid area is carried out.
  • The biopsy tissue is inserted into the kit along with PRP.
  • The specific kit is inserted in the Regenera Stem Cell Processor equipment.
  • Infiltration of the cells to the target area by micro injections.
  • The whole process is performed under local anesthesia and should be pain-free.